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MB Emissions - Pathway to Net Zero

This page will outline the details of the Pathway to Net Zero tool.

This tool allows the organization to model the costs to reduce market-based emissions or achieve net-zero electricity emissions. To use this tool effectively you can interact with the charts and table by filtering and drilling down to select locations, groups or regions you’re interested in. Next you can use the slider at the bottom left to determine the cost for your selection.

You can switch to a group or region view at the top and then use the PowerBI visual controls at the top left of the visual to drilldown, explore the next level in hierarchy or expand entire hierarchy.

The table below shows the best use of your budget. It is most cost-effective to purchase certificates in regions or groups that have relatively higher market-based emission factors.

Note that certificates should always be applied according to the Scope 2 quality (page 60 in the guidance). Point 5 states that “all contractual instruments used in the market-based method for scope 2 accounting shall be sourced from the same market in which the reporting entity’s electricity-consuming operations are located and to which the instrument is applied.

The Scope 2 guidance doesn’t provide a definition as to what constitutes a ‘market’ as new markets are continually being formed and evolving. Envizi’s recommendation is to apply certificates using the most precise and granular method where practically possible, for example directly at the location level, Group-level if the grouping is linked to a ‘market’ or State-level.

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