You can log in to Envizi either by entering your username and password or if configured for your organization, you can login via Single-Sign-On (SSO) using your own organization’s credentials.

The Single Sign-On feature is an add-on service and requires Envizi to work with your IT department for the set up. Envizi’s preferred SSO authentication type is SAML.

The table below illustrates the login process for both SSO users and non-SSO users.


You go to the Envizi login page.

You will need to enter an username and click on the button CONTINUE to start the authentication process.

If you are a SSO user, you will be directed to the Single Sign-On page of your organization.

If you are a non-SSO user, you will be directed to a separate page to enter a password.


As a SSO user you will be directed to the Single Sign-On page of user’s own organization.

You will need to go through the authentication process with the identity provider of your own organization.

See below an example of IBM’s Single Sign-On page


As a non-SSO user you will be directed to an Envizi page to enter your password.


When authenticated whether as a SSO user or non-SSo user, you will be directed to the Envizi landing page.

SSO Manual Provision

If your organization has enabled the Single Sign-On feature, your email address or user name would need to be created in Envizi first before you can be granted access with Single Sign-On. If you face login issues, please check with your Envizi System Administrators for required steps to set you up in the platform.