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GRESB Location Settings and Tags

This page outlines the process to follow to minimize the amount of time you need to spend doing data collection and data management. Here we will cover Surveys, Grid Capture and Tags.

Top-down approach

There are 2 levels of settings that are used to determine how data is reported to GRESB. In the GRESB Location Settings grid you can select your default reporting option. This setting ensures that with new accounts being added to Envizi they will report according to your preferred building space.

Of course these settings will not apply to all accounts, but in this way you can cover off the majority of your assets and handle the accounts that don’t match these settings by exception using a combination of locations settings and tags.

These settings are found at the group level and is configured using Grid Capture. To access these settings navigate to a group summary page and click on the Actions menu at the top right.

Grid Capture will load for GRESB Location Settings and here you will be able to fine tune your reporting settings at an asset level.

Any tags applied to accounts will override settings configured at the location. For more information on how to work with tags can be found here.

Using this approach you can manage how your Activity data reports to GRESB and you won’t have to worry about your data not being extracted from Envizi because a tag was missed.

Bottom-up - GRESB Location Settings and Grid Capture

One important point to note is that Grid Capture is based on survey functionality. Every row in the grid is a survey at a location level. So if it helps you can instruct other Envizi users (of any access level) to capture data directly in a location survey.

To do this you should navigate to a location summary page and click on the GRESB menu and select GRESB Location Settings. This will provide access to the each of the 6 surveys for GRESB. The example shown below shares the same underlying data as the GRESB Location Settings Grid as shown above, but is just for 1 location.

And most importantly, any values captured on this individual survey are reflected in the Grid Capture version, and vice versa.

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