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Getting Envizi Product Updates

Envizi communicates updates to the platform by publishing notifications on the home page in an area we call our message board.

Whenever we make updates to the platform we do our best to inform you of these changes without overwhelming you with popups and emails.

When you see a notification, you should click on the expand icon to read more. Once you have read the detail you can click the close icon for that notification to be permanently removed from your view.

Three types of notifications are published, each identifiable by a color coding scheme.

Blue - System Administration

These are notifications that are only relevant to features available to system administrators and are thus only visible to you if you are a system administrator. 

Green - News

These are notifications about new or enhanced features that are available to you.

Grey - Information

These are information notifications primarily used to inform you about upcoming necessary system outages for software and hardware maintenance that are outside of regular maintenance windows.

Using the message board

To read the full details, click on the expand icon


on the right hand side of the message title.

Once you have read a message you can click on the close icon


on the right hand side of the message title and the message will no longer appear. You cannot retrieve messages once you have closed them.

Generally notifications are published for 4 weeks and are then unpublished from your view so that you can focus on newer updates.

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