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Energy Star - Envizi ID Mapping

The ‘EnergyStar and Envizi ID Mapping’ page lists all entity ID mappings between the two platforms - Envizi and the Energy Star Portfolio Manager(R) platform.

The ‘Alias’ column shows the corresponding EnergyStar ID (meter or property) mapped to one of the Envizi entity items - Location, Account or Meter. Check the value of ‘Alias’ to match with your intended meter or property in ESPM (a record with a blank ‘Item’ column indicates the mapping is for Envizi’s Location to EnergyStar Property’s property id).

If the corresponding entity item such as a meter is deleted in ESPM, you would need to delete the corresponding ID mapping record in Envizi on this page as well to avoid API data sync errors.

If all location id mappings (rows with a blank ‘Item’ column) for a property are deleted and there is no other location id mappings remaining, a new Energy Star property will be created in the Energy Star Portfolio Manager platform the next time when a full data sync or partial data sync is initiated.

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