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Differential Data Extract Reports

The differential data extract report work in a similar way to the bulk data extract reports. The difference with the differential data extract is that the extract can be configured to be sent out based on an automated schedule, and will include any data that has been updated since the last scheduled extract.

When configuring the schedule it is recommended to select a start date for the first report to be send at least 1 day in the future. If a schedule is configured to be sent on the same day it is created, the extract will be send on the specified day , but the first extract may not run on the specified time. If having the report send at a specified time is a critical requirement for the data extract, then ensure that the schedule is configured to run at least 1 day in advance of the date it is created.

Reset Export Flag

This report will help the user to retrieve the current status of the data export flag & reset the status if required.

Run the below report with option “View” (Filter By #3) to get the status of the data export flag for the selected meter across the date range. Filter By#3 option ‘Update’ can be used to reset the export status for the meters that were not set previously.

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