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Board Swimlanes

The left side of an Issue Board contains the swimlanes which allow issues to be progressed to their final resolution. There are 5 standard swimlanes:

  • To Do - contains issues where status = To Do / Raised

  • In-Progress - contains issues where status = In Progress / Investigating

  • Submitted - contains issues where status = Submitted (used for Data Capture and Survey Issues)

  • Done - contains issues where status = Done / Resolved

  • On-Hold - contains issues where status = On Hold

The swimlanes are collapsible in order to allow you to make the best use of the screen real estate depending on what you are working on.

Clicking on the heading will collapse or open the swimlane and expand the remaining swimlanes to take up space. One swimlane always remains open.

The swimlanes also have a simple search box at the top:

The search will filter the cards shown in the swimlanes based on both the issue summary text and the issue identifier.

To clear the search and see all the tickets on the board you have to delete the text in the search box.

Issue cards

The cards in the swimlanes provide basic information about the issue including the following:

  1. The issue summary text.

  2. The context (eg. what location and account/meter it’s linked to).

  3. The 3rd and 4th lines provide additional info that will vary depending on the Issue Type.

  4. The issue identifier.

  5. The priority (the signal strength bars). The priority is also indicated by the color on the left edge of the card. Red = critical, orange = high, blue = standard, green = low.

  6. The initials of the user the issue is assigned to (if unassigned it will show 'S' for System.

Dragging issue cards between swimlanes

Issue cards can be moved from one swimlane to another by clicking and dragging the issue card. Sometimes when a card is dragged into a new swimlane you may be asked to choose a status or add additional information to the issue. If a user does not have permission to transition an issue to a status, the transition will fail and the issue card will move back to the original swimlane.

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